In the spring of 2015 our family rolled up our sleeves and got to work on building our dream…a regenerative bison ranch that we could raise our growing family on. Miles of old barbed wire was ripped out, massive amounts of brush was cut, grass was planted, miles of new fence and corrals were built and after years of blood, sweat and tears the old dairy farm centered around a beautiful band of glacial hills near Cadott, Wisconsin was transformed into the beautiful ICON ranch where hundreds of bison now roam.


Join our family as we come together with other hard working ranchers and the award winning team at Crescent Meats to bring you artisan meats RAISED WITH PRIDE and CRAFTED WITH PASSION. We are excited to introduce ICON Meats!
RANCHER OWNED! Support the families that have dirt on their boots and calluses on their hands! When you buy from us you aren't buying some vice president or company owner, that lives in the city and has never spent a day in their life ranching, a new car or a vacation're helping our family and other hard working families like ours make a land payment or regenerate land and build topsoil or repair a piece of farm equipment or helping our processor Crescent Meats teach the lost craft of meat cutting to a new employee. If you look around the country at the food system it is broken...the people (the farmers and ranchers) that do 75% of the work and carry the most financial risk for the longest period of time (when producing a food product) have been on the loosing end for years. We have experienced this first hand and after years of raising animals for other brands, and being left with broken promises or slow follow thru we had to take control of our business and we decided to create ICON Meats to save our ranch and help support our friends ranches.  

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